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30 January 2024

Compound semiconductor substrate market growing at 17% CAGR to $3.3bn in 2029

Markets fueled by strong growth in power electronics and photonics
11 January 2024

Consumer electronics 3D sensing VCSEL market to rebound at 11% CAGR to $1.404bn in 2028

Market fell to US$847m in 2023 due to weak consumer demand and pricing pressure
7 December 2023

Smartphone production rebounds by 13% in Q3, after eight quarters of year-on-year declines

Further 5–10% growth expected in Q4, limiting full-year decline to under 3% to 1.16 billion units
15 November 2023

Gallium nitride and silicon carbide to be essential for enabling scale and potential of AI

Adopting SiC or GaN for power supplies in data centers to cut energy consumption while freeing space for extra computing power
30 October 2023

Smartphone shipments on track for recovery after only slight decline in Q3

China shipments fall for tenth consecutive quarter
4 September 2023

Smartphone production falls 6.6% year-on-year to 272 million in Q2; first-half 2023 down 13.3%

Samsung and Apple drop by 12.4% and 21.2% quarter-to-quarter, while Xiaomi, Oppo and Tanssion rise 32.1%, 25.4% and 71.9%
10 August 2023

Micro-LED chip market to almost double to $27m in 2023, driven by large displays and wearables

Japanese watchmakers and Western auto-makers to drive 136% CAGR to $580m in 2027
21 June 2023

Emerging substrates market growing at 27% CAGR from $63.6m in 2022 to $264m by 2028

Silicon carbide and gallium nitride to comprise 25% of power electronics market by 2028

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