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16 January 2024

SemiLEDs’ quarterly revenue rebounds to $1.65m

For its fiscal first-quarter 2024 (to end-November 2023), LED chip and component maker SemiLEDs Corp of Hsinchu, Taiwan has reported revenue of $1.65m, down slightly on $1.695m a year ago but up on $1.453m last quarter. Gross margin was 15%, down on 27% a year ago but rebounding from just 3% last quarter. Net loss was cut from $881,000 ($0.18 per diluted share) last quarter to $598,000 ($0.12 per diluted share), although this is still greater than the $512,000 ($0.11 per diluted share) a year ago. During the quarter, cash and cash equivalents fell from $2.572m to $2.322m. For its fiscal second-quarter 2024 (ending 29 February), SemiLEDs expects revenue of $1.1m +/–10%. However, the quarter-to-quarter drop is partly due to the firm’s office and factory in Chunan being closed for the Chinese New Year (CNY) on 3 February before resuming operations on 19 February. See related items:

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